Evoke your sense of travel, sport and adventure
with our new range of headwear.


Featuring a selection of innovative new materials which are UPF50+, hard wearing yet lightweight and travel friendly, but above all sophisticated and stylish.

Together with new materials, we have introduced a unique concept which allows for interchangeable branding.



Our unique magnetic badge concept was launched in 2018.

A great way to brand hats worn by sports teams, with estates or resorts logos, or as a fundraising exercise.

Unique & exclusive to Evoke Australia Headwear
Our magnetised branding option (selected styles) offers the opportunity for customised branding, which doubles up as a golf marker, perfect for golf courses and resorts, tourist centres and any corporate branding options. So what are you waiting for... tee up with our new Evoke range of headwear.

 travel friendly fabrics crush resistant materials hand washable styles

ideal for sport & leisure