We are happy to introduce you to our 2017 sunhat styles for men, women and children. All hats are available to purchase on our website: www.sunhats.co.za

Celeste Sunhat for Women

2017 Sunhat Styles for Women and Men


A classic fedora style sunhat suitable for both men and women. Made from 100% natural fibre. A UPF50+ CANSA [link] approved sunhat.


Our first felt-looking hat, a suede wide brim fedora. A UPF50+ CANSA approved sunhat.


A glammed-up visor that can be worn to the best beach and country clubs in town. Made from 100% natural fibre. Not UPF50+.


A finely-braided natural fibre Trilby with colour blocks for a cool look. Available in two colour blends. Suits men, women & teens. Not UPF50+.

2017 Sunhat Styles for Children

Sunhat for Children


A fun sunhat suitable for boys and girls. Made from 100% cotton. A UPF50+ CANSA approved sunhat.

Visit the individual sunhat pages on our website for more information on each new style. Look out for our next blog where we will introduce the new colours for our popular sunhats.

For queries about any of our sunhats please email us on gilly@sunhats.co.za. We are always happy to assist you.