Protect Your Skin 

We all love to spend more time outdoors enjoying day at the beach, braais with friends, experiencing a safari, taking long hikes or playing a round of golf. Even if you are super careful and slather on your sunscreen every two hours, the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays can unfortunately burn your skin, which puts you at higher risk of early skin aging to developing skin cancers.

Worldwide, skin cancer is one of the most commonly occurring cancer (*1). The impact of the sun is increasingly harmful, particularly for South Africans who are exposed to high levels of UVR most of the year (*2). This is why investing in premium sun protective headwear is so important.


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Sun Safety Recommendations

The Smart Choice endorsement program is part of an ongoing effort by the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) to reduce exposure to carcinogens and other risk factors associated with cancer development.

CANSA aims to promote a smart, balanced lifestyle using the CANSA Smart Choice Seal (1*) as a tool to assist the public in making healthier, informed choices.

Our UPF50+ rated sun hats fall under the UV-Protective Garments & Apparel category. Look out for CANSA’s swing tag and internal fabric label attached to all of our hats. CANSA Sun Safety Recommendations outline key steps you can take to protect yourself in the sun by living a SunSmart (2*) lifestyle.

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Sun Safe & Stylish with UPF50+ Rated Protection

A sun hat is a physical barrier between you and the sun, unlike SPF sunscreen that needs to be reapplied every couple of hours. Slap on your sun hats and protect your face, scalp and neck from sun damage. Our UPF50+ certified sun hats can be worn all day with confidence, even on a cloudy day!