It's that time of year where we think we can toss our sunsafe summer hats aside as winter is here and who needs a hat, right? Wrong! Winter hats are not only a classic fashionable essential to brighten up your winter wardrobe but also help to keep you warm and are vital in the winter sun.

Melissa Sunhat

2019 Winter Warmer UPF50+ Hats

We launched our Winter Warmer range following customer requests for hats to wear in winter. This range of quality fashionable hats for men and women has been particularly popular and includes the Celeste, Mona and Melissa styles. All winter warmer hats are UPF50+ rated and approved by the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA).

Celeste: This felt-looking hat is in fact a suede wide brim Fedora. Our Celeste hat is made from suede/polyester and is spot washable, adjustable and available in two colours, copper and grey. Shop now.

Mona: This rustic suedette-style hat has a black trim and a shorter brim giving it a cheekier look. Made from 100% polyester, it is spot washable, adjustable and suitable for men and women. Available in olive green and taupe (size 61cm). The 58cm hats are currently out of stock. Shop now.

Melissa: We added this hat following on from the success of the Celeste and Mona. A classic Fedora with soft rolled edges and suitable for both men and women. Made from 100% wool felt, it is spot washable and available in three trendy colours – teal, red and navy. Shop now.

Melissa Sunhat

Myth or Truth: Most Heat is Lost From Your Head

As it turns out, loosing heat through you head is a myth. You don’t lose more heat from your head than other parts of your body. Studies conducted show we lose heat evenly across the surface of our body, it just depends on how much skin is exposed. The head makes up about 10% of the body’s total area so it accounts for 10% of total body heat lost.

However, the key to keeping warm is to cover up all of your skin. By leaving your head bare you are losing 10% of your body heat. So, wear a hat to keep warm and look stylish.

Celeste Sunhat

Sunhats: Winter's Dangerous UV Rays

Winter is a sun-deceptive time of the year. The sun's harmful ultra violet (UV) rays are as dangerous in winter as any other time of year, especially in southern Africa. In some regions, winter can have more days with higher UV ratings than in summer. It is the days when we are unprepared that we are at the highest risk for sun damage. It is therefore important to take preventative measures and protect yourself from the sun by wearing a UPF50+ rated hat throughout the year. 

To find out more about our winter warmer styles, special offers and product features connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We have stylish, colourful and great quality hats for men, women and children.

Remember its a sunny life (all year round), wear your hat!

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