The Cancer Association of South Africa endorses Emthunzini sunhats

We found some valuable information on The Cancer Association of South Africa's website about how to reduce your risk of skin cancer.  

1. Do a monthly 'spot the spot' check up. Always seek medical advice as soon as possible when concerned about a particular spot on your skin. Check your skin carefully every month and ask a family member or friend to examine your back and the top of your head.

2. Get screened at Your Local CANSA Care Centre

3. Heed the following advice: Stay out of the sun between 10am and 3pm. Keep under the shade of trees or an umbrella as much as possible. Avoid sunbeds and sun lamps

4. Get screened at Your Local CANSA Care Centre

5. Use an effective sunscreen with the CANSA's seal of recognition

6. Apply sunscreen correctly and know the best SPF for your skin-type

7. Wear protective clothing, sunglasses with UV protection, garments and hats that carry the CANSA's swing tag. These include our sunhats.

8. Lastly and most importantly, educate and protect your children. 

Be sun safe and sun smart!


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