It is very important to know your skin-type to determine the length of time you can safely spend in the sun. Wearing a UPF50+ sunhat and sunscreen will only protect you for a certain amount of time and this varies depending on your skin-type.


If you have a very light skin it is likely that you will start to burn after 25 minutes of sun radiation. Those with medium skin colour will have up to 50 minutes and those with darker skins; sunburn often starts after one hour of sun exposure. Therefore the guideline is that one needs to move out of the direct sun after 25 minutes to 1 hour of exposure, depending on your skin type. After cooling down you can then go back into sun and be protected for 25 minutes to 1 hour of direct sunlight again.

Emthunzini Hats and SPF Testing

Samples of all Emthunzini hats are tested by the Photobiology Laboratory at MEDUNSA and carry the in vitro SPF Test Certificate, sympolising that they have undergone the SPF-testing procedure as developed by Diffey and Robson, and meet the requirements of the Australian and South African test methods on the Optometrics SPF 290 Analyzer.

We encourage all our customers to limit their time spent in the sun and to always wear the correct sun protection, especially considering their skin-type. Be sun wise and sun smart. Know your skin-type and be sun protected.

Our sunhats are endorsed by the Cancer Association of South Africa.