Are you looking for some help to pick a hat that suits your face shape? If you have seen a hat that looks incredible on the rack but doesn't look good when you put it on then perhaps it is the wrong hat for your face shape. Finding a flattering hat can be daunting but by picking a hat that suits your face shape you can add style, flair and sharpness to any outfit. We hope these helpful tips will help you determine your face shape and which hats will suit you best.

Gilly Sunhat

How to Pick a Hat for Four Face Shapes

According to the Goorin Bros there are four core face shapes: diamond, oblong, round and square. Find the details and suggested hats for each shape below: 

Diamond Face Shape

  • Widest at the cheekbones
  • Highly angular face
  • Narrow forehead
  • Tapered chin

Suggested Hats: Wear a moderate to wide brim hat with a pinched crown. Try the Gilly, Amy and Malibu for women and Safari, Oscar and Phoenix Panamate for men. 

Oblong Face Shape

  • Face is longer than it is wide
  • Fairly straight lines running from temple to jaw
  • Round chin

Suggested Hats: Wear a flared brim hat such as a wide brim fedora. Try the Pana-mate Fedora and Callum available for both men and women.

Round Face Shape

  • Face is about as wide as it is long
  • Wide forehead
  • Full cheeks
  • Rounded chin

Suggested Hats: Wear hats with a high crown and avoid wide brims. Try the Anna Bucket, Audrey Classic for women and the Melissa and Beau for both men and women. 

Square Face Shape

  • Face has a strong jawline
  • Wide forehead
  • Wide cheekbones

Suggested Hats: Soft designs like floppy hats or curvy lines are flattering. Try the Gatsby and Lizzie for women and the Explorer for men.

Lizzie Sun Hat

Hats for your Face Shape & Lifestyle

Hats not only need to suit your face shape, they also need to look stylish, be comfortable and protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Emthunzini Hats offer a wide selection of stylish, colourful, adjustable and UPF50+ hats for women and men. Our hats suit your face shape and your lifestyle. Shop online to see our full collection. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for specials, competitions and updates.


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