Planning a winter break and trying to decide which hat to take? Read these handy tips on how to pick the perfect travel hat:

1. Get Comfortable

Before buying a hat, think about how active you will be when you will wear it. You will be more likely to wear your hat if it is comfortable. Choose a hat that can be adjusted to fit, especially handy on windy days.

2. Savvy Sun Protection

For guaranteed ultraviolet (UV) protection, check the UPF rating of the hat. UPF50+ is highest and best rating.

CANSA Sunsmart

3. Best Brim

A hat with a brim of at least 7.5cm (2.75 inches) is ideal as it shades the face, ears and neck. The skin on these areas is much thinner than elsewhere on our body and thus more likely to be harmed by exposure to UV radiation. A wide brim can also prevent more than 50% of UV rays from reaching the eyes. 

4. Clever Colours

Darker colours tend to absorb UV rays better than white or pastel colours of the same fabric.


5. Durability and Longevity

A good sun hat will last a number of years and remind you of many travels and good times. Choose a hat that will work for your lifestyle. Ensure the hat comes with instructions on how to clean and maintain it.

6. Superb Style

Style is important when buying anything, especially a sun hat. Choose a hat that will best suit your style and colour.


7. Sensible Size

Select the right size hat for your head. Follow a hat size guide to measure for the perfect fit.

8. Traveling Hat

Select hats that will suit your traveling style. You may be looking for a hat that can be squashed into your backpack or a couple to be stacked into your suitcase.

How To Pack Your Travel Hat

We offer a wide range of fashionable sun hats for men, women and children with features that tick all the right boxes. Most of our hats are UPF50+ rated, approved by the Cancer Association of South African (CANSA) and made from high-grade ARPANSA approved materials. Our hats are available in a variety of sizes they are mostly crushable, washable and are adjustable. There is a style and colour to suit everyone.

Shop for your travel hats online.

It’s a sunny life, wear your hat!



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