We love receiving stories and photos from around the world showing happy people in their Emthunzini sun hats. Thank you to all of you who sent photographs to us.

No matter where you are in the world or what season, it is important to remain protected from the sun throughout the day.

Why travel with our sun hats?

We encourage traveling with our Emthunzini Hats as most of our hats are endorsed by The Cancer Association of South Africa CANSA [link CANSA page for Sunhats] offering the assurance of protection against the harmful effects of the sun.

What makes traveling with our hats so easy?

Emthunzini Hats are mostly crushable and washable making them easy travel companions.

How to pack your hat?

For those hats that are crushable simply push the crown of the hat straight down to flatten out the hat and lay flat in your suitcase so that it won't get folded or creased.

How to wash your hat while traveling?

Check the tag on your hat to see the recommended cleaning instructions.

How to reshape your hat?

To reshape the dents in your hat, if you are able to, steam the hat lightly followed by a hairdryer, reshape the rim with your fingers and then air dry or leave in the sun.

Photos and testimonials from happy travelers with their sun hats:

Sun hats around the world

“Me in my Gilly at the helm and Jane in her Breton. Jane wraps her sarong around her hat when swimming to the boat from the beach, very handy on a wider brim hat!” Carol, Skiathos, Greece.

Sunhats around the world Emthunzini Hats around the world

“I recently returned from a wonderful holiday cruising the Mediterranean. These photographs were taken in Dubrovnik on the Dalmatian Coast. Also one leaving on the ship. I was very glad to have the sunhat, not used to having hot sunshine. Best Wishes.” Rosemary Wermyss, UK.

Sun hats at Addo Elephant National Park

“My Mom and I on the Sundays River near Addo Elephant National Park. Spot the red Sydney sun hat on this beautiful winters day.” Bronwen, Cape Town via Instagram @sunhatsza 

Sun hat at 12 Apostles Hotel in Cape Town

“Glad I brought my Emthunzini Hat for my sunny stay at The Twelve Apostles (even in winter).” Kathy Brady.

Sun hats in Kenya

“Embracing the low season in Watamu (Kenya); rain or shine, gloomy or sunny, I’m game.” Grendel, Canada via Instagram. @sunhatsza

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