We all love spending time outdoors, especially on a hot summers day!

In the winter months the sun may appear to be less of a threat, when in fact the UV rays are still able to penetrate cloud coverage and reach your skin.

UVA and UVB rays are the 2 types of UV (Ultraviolet Radiation) light that reach your skin when exposed to the sun.
UVA rays penetrate the deepest layers of your skin, and are responsible for premature aging and wrinkles. UVB rays are the ones we can feel, which cause nasty sunburn.

Regular sunburn can cause lasting damage over time. Sun exposure increases your risk of skin cancers which is why you should always wear sunscreen and your UPF50+ sun protective hat, even on cloudy days.

Our UPF50+ hats have been tested in a laboratory for their sun protective rating, which is the highest rating possible for clothing worldwide. These hats block 97,5% of the sun's harmful rays, and have received the CANSA Seal of Recognition for maximum UV protection. 

Make the sun safe choice and choose a high-quality sun hat that has been tested not only for its sun protection rating, but also for longevity, style and comfort.


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