The lightweight, soft weave of the Oscar allows the breeze to flow through and keep you cool. Suits both men and women.

  • 50% Polyester
  • 50% Natural Fibre
  • Spot Washable
  • UPF50+
  • Size: 58 cm (Women/Smaller Heads), 61 cm & 63 cm
  • Internal velcro adjusts fit

Please note, the Oscar Natural & Ivory White 58cm is currently unavailable. We will have new stock in August 2019.

CANSA Approved SunSmart Choice UPF50+


    R 559.00
    Natural Oscar
    Brown Oscar
    Charcoal Oscar
    Ivory White Oscar

    A closely woven cotton fabric that can be packed & crushed, yet always retains its shape.

    A lightweight, 100% polyester fabric. Water-repellent and quick drying.

    Polyester Machine Knitted
    The look of straw in a breathable, crushable polyester knit or braid.

    Polyester Ribbon Braided
    A 100% polyester ribbon, sewn together in multiple layers. Packable, crushable & lightweight.

    A natural palm leaf fibre grown on the Island of Madagascar. Handwoven. Spot wash only.

    Towelling Cotton (TC) Lining
    The TC lining fabric is 65% polyester, 35% cotton.

    Natural Fibre
    A 50% polyester and 50% paper braid sewn together in multiple layers. Spot wash only.

    Care for all fabrics
    To care for your Emthunzini Hat hand wash in cold water using a mild liquid hand soap or spot wash where indicated. Air dry. Do not use bleach or Woolite®. Do not dry clean.

    Disclaimer: Whist we make every effort to truthfully display the exact colours of hats in our range, colours may vary due to the media of advertising in the website and/or catalogue and in printing the catalogue. We will not accept any liability in respect of incorrect colour choices being made. If you are in any doubt as to the the exact colours please contact us.

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