Did you know that Panama hats have traditionally never been made in Panama? They originated in Ecuador where they are still made to this day by master weavers, some of whom have over 70 years of hat weaving experience. The hats are woven from toquilla straw, which grows in the coastal region of Ecuador.

Image by David Werbrouck

These hats have been popular for decades, not only because of their stylish looks, but because they are so lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Often paired with linen suits and summer dresses to create an elegant tropical seaside look, the weave of the hat is breathable keeping your head cool. The hat price is based on the weave – the finer the weave, the higher the price, as the tighter weave takes longer to make.

New to our Tina M designer collection, is the Jolie Fedora.

The Jolie Fedora is our Japanese version of the well known Panama hat.

Hand-woven using traditional methods, our Japanese glazed natural fibre is braided in a similar iconic plaited weave that these hats are known for, to create our own unique style.

With certified UPF50+ sun protection and a 6 cm brim, this hat is perfect for sunny days but can be worn all year round.

The Jolie is silky soft to the touch, extra lightweight and is finished with a beautiful contrasting ribbon trim in either black or nautical stripe. An investment piece for summer that will never go out of style!

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