One size does not fit all, which is why our headwear collections have internal adjustments to make sure you find your perfect fit.

You can measure your head size with a soft tape measure or piece of ribbon/string.

  1. Place the ribbon or tape around your head just above your ears, about mid-forehead
  2. You should hold it firmly, but not too tight!
  3. It should feel as comfortable as you would want it to feel when you wear the hat - not too tight not too loose
  4. Mark the soft tape measure or ribbon with a pencil, and there you have it!

Click here to see our head size chart guide for Adult's & Kids hats.

Most women’s hats are 58 cm, with 2 petite styles for smaller heads and young ladies at 55 cm.

Men’s hats are generally 61 cm or 63 cm, however some men wear a 58 cm style, it all depends on your preference and how the hat feels on your head.

If your measurement falls between a size, round it up to the next largest size so that you are guaranteed of a comfortable fit that you can just adjust if you need to with one of the internal adjustments.