Hats are a necessity for any holiday but the problem is how to pack your hat without ruining its shape. If you have ever tried to pack a straw hat or fedora in a suitcase without crushing it you will know what we mean! Hats are part fashion and part necessity and you simply cannot travel without a hat to protect your face and neck from the sun.

Fortunately we no longer require cumbersome hat boxes as so many of our stylish Emthunzini Hats are crushable, easy to pack and simple to reshape. We’ve included two videos with lots of tips on how to keep your travel hat in shape.

How to Pack your Hat

Emthunzini Hats offer a fashionable range of travel hats for men, women and children of all ages. We have hats that are crushable so you don’t need to stress about ruining their shape, you just have to pack them correctly. Follow these simple tips to help keep your travel hat in shape:

  1. Flip your hat with the crown facing up (or hats if you taking a few)
  2. Stuff the crown of the hat with soft, small clothes - items like socks, underwear and t-shirts
  3. Position the hat in a space in your suitcase right side up
  4. Roll more clothes and place them over the brim and around the crown.

Watch this useful demonstration on how best to pack your hats in a suitcase.

Most of our hats are not only easy to keep in shape but also carry the UPF50+ swing tag. This means that the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) endorses them as providing excellent sun protection. These hats offer important protection against the harmful rays of the sun while outdoors on holiday. Look for the features of each hat on the tag. We also include the recommended care instructions.

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