Experience the wonders of an African safari in style with our top five safari hats. Few things are as exciting and rejuvenating than breaking away from the bustle of the city to the wild. Game drives, walking safaris and sunset cocktails on the African plains are what Out of Africa dreams are made of. Style up your gear with one of our top five safari hats.

Style is one thing but safety and practicality another. It’s important to consider this when packing for your safari trip. You will spend a lot of time outdoors so will need to protect yourself from the sun's UV rays, no matter the time of year. Be prepared. Ensure you pack sunblock, long sleeves, lip balm and a sunhat.

Gilly UPF50+ Sunhats

Emthunzini Hats: UPF50+ Rated

Most of our hats carry the UPF50+ swing tag which means that they are endorsed by the Cancer Association of South Africa CANSA. They have been specially tested and verified as meeting the UPF50+ requirements, the highest rating assigned to a garment. This offers you assurance that you are getting excellent sun protection by wearing a UPF50+ rated Emthunzini hat.

Top Five Safari Hat Styles

Based on feedback from our customers we have selected the following hats and colours as the top five hats to take on a safari. Neutral colours are more suitable, white is not practical and bright colours stand out too much in the bush. You should try to blend into the environment and not draw attention to yourself, especially on a walking safari.

Explorer: This crushable, lightweight, water-repellent hat is the ideal option for outdoor activities. This safari hat style is suitable for men, women and children. There is a convenient chin strip to secure the hat tightly to your head. Choose khaki or camel/navy colours for a top safari hat.

Gilly: This mannish style sunhat is hand washable, crushable and has an internal drawstring to adjust to fit. A practical, stylish and top five safari hat style. Choose the mixed camel or suede colours for your safari hat.

Oscar: A hat that suits both men and women. Made from a lightweight soft weave it allows the breeze to flow through and keep you cool on safari. We recommend any of the colours available – they are all ideal for a his-and-hers safari trip!

Breton: A firm favourite with customers. Besides being UPF50+ rated, the wide brim is also effective in shading you from the sun. This hat is hand washable. Choose from a wide selection of colours. Our top safari hat colours are seafoam and stone.

Ribbon Braid Breton: The contrasting poly-ribbon braid offers the perfect camouflage blend for your safari trip. Hand washable, crushable and with an internal drawstring adjustment, it is a top five safari hat option. Choose the light brown, pistachio and brown orange colours for your safari trip.

Oscar Sunhat


Hopefully, you will find this handy when selecting which hat to choose for your safari holiday. Please share any comments or queries here or send us a message via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We are here to assist you with any questions.

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